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Thumin Bet Midrash

The Thumin Bet Midrash is a new initiative that offers opportunities for small group, hevruta, and in depth learning on select Jewish topics.  Classes meet on Monday nights at Congregation Beth Ahm and feature many of the best instructors in our community.

For questions about the Thumin Bet Midrash, contact Rabbi Steven Rubenstein at

The schedule for future Bet Midrash classes will be posted soon.


Previous Thumin Bet Midrash classes include:
Jewish Family Life Through the Ages with Dr. Mitch Parker
Who are the People in your Talmudic Neighborhood? with Aron Wolgel
Chieftains, Warlords, & Terrorists: Beyond ‘Judges’ with Rabbi Stephen Belsky
Making Meaning from the Mahzor with Ariel Wolgel
Reimagining Shmita with Rabbi Steven Rubenstein
Talmud Study with Rabbi Michele Faudem
Will the Real Elijah Please Stand Up? with Rabbi Stephen Belsky
Jewish Philosophy Matters with Professor Howard Lupovitch
The Moral of the Story with Aron Wolgel
Ten Plagues, Four Weeks, One Seder Night with Rabbi Stephen Belsky
Tractate Sanhedrin with Rabbi Michele Faudem

Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784