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MCUSY is Metro-Detroit’s city-wide USY chapter.  It is a teen-led group with the mission of inspiring teens to:
     -  Celebrate Judaism
     -  Practice ethical values
     -  Explore Jewish living
     -  Love Israel and value
        community responsibility
Click here to connect with MCUSY on Facebook or visit their website at clicking here.

Sidney & Bee Kalt Israel Scholarship
The Kalt scholarship is a wonderful expression of the value Beth Ahm places on both our youth and The State of Israel.  The scholarship actively engages your child(ren) during their teen years and rewards them with funding for a future trip to Israel.  Each time your child(ren) volunteers at Beth Ahm, they will earn credit towards this scholarship.  There are a number of volunteer opportunities including:
     -  Serving as a madrich/madricha in the religious school

     -  Helping during the High Holidays, with the Hanukkah party, Purim carnival, and more...
For more information about the scholarship, click here or contact David Goodman at 248-851-6800 with questions or to volunteer.
Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784