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In the News

Beth Ahm is known as an inclusive community.  Each member or guest receives a warm welcome and is invited to participate in congregational life.  Click here to read an Oakland Press article about our Beth Ahm community.
The relationship between Rabbi Rubenstein and Beth Ahm is cherished.   Click here to read more about the Rabbi’s contributions to the synagogue and the mutual commitment to each other.
“We created a space that is appropriate for God.”  This is how Rabbi Rubenstein describes the renovated sanctuary.  Click here to read The Jewish News article and learn more about the symbolism that is contained in this holy space.
With great love for their synagogue and the Jewish people, Asa & Sara Shapiro’s philanthropy will have a long lasting impact on the future of Beth Ahm.  Click here to learn about their gift to Beth Ahm and the dedication of the Asa & Sara Shapiro Entrance.
120 Year Anniversary:  For 120 years, Beth Ahm has been a center of Jewish life for multiple generations of families.  Click here to read a Jewish News article about the history of Beth Ahm and the bright future that exists for the congregation.
Earth Rangers:  Caring for the environment is a Jewish value practiced by Beth Ahm youth.  Click here to read a Jewish News article about the Earth Rangers and their preparations for Tu B’Shevat, Jewish Earth Day.
Garden of Inspiration:  The Louis and Fay Woll Memorial Bible Garden was built to honor the memory of two wonderful parents who believed in and lived the principles of goodness, caring, and generosity.  Bible gardens contain plants mentioned in the Bible or use plants to recreate Bible themes.  This garden does both.  It is a place for inner reflection, education, special gatherings, and a place to appreciate nature and its connection to Judaism and the Divine.  Click here to view garden photos and read The Jewish News' introduction of this wonderful community asset.
Sat, September 19 2020 1 Tishrei 5781