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Religious Services

Based on a recent teshuvah (rabbinical ruling) by the Conservative movement, Congregation Beth Ahm has implemented several changes related to online religious services. Two highlights are described below. Click here to read Rabbi Rubenstein’s full paper on religious services.
The weekly service schedule is below. Click on the individual service times for more information about registration and participation.
If you need a copy of Siddur Sim Shalom or a Humash to join online services, we are happy to deliver them to you.  Contact Rabbi Rubenstein at to request books.
Mourner’s Kaddish
Beth Ahm will continue to follow the advice of the Committee on Jewish Law & Standards regarding what constitutes a minyan. The majority opinion is that in order to constitute a minyan, 10 people are physically needed in the same space. Of course, when meeting online that is not possible. It is not possible to recite the Barkhu or the Kedusha with a fully online service. However, Mourner’s Kaddish at the end of online services will be recited as long as there are 10 people gathered online.
Streaming Religious Services on Shabbat and Holidays
Beth Ahm will begin to stream our Shabbat morning services in a few weeks. Beth Ahm’s decision comes after the acceptance of a paper by the Conservative Movement’s Committee on Jewish Law & Standards a short time ago which permits streaming on Shabbat and Holidays.
It is important to note that Beth Ahm’s decision is being made under the rubric of she’at ha-d’hak—emergency conditions. That is, because the entire community has been (and will continue to be) prevented from public worship for some time, there is an emergency situation. Therefore, this decision is temporary and does not reflect a long-term decision. When the public health situation for the community changes, the congregation will reassess this decision.
Sun, May 9 2021 27 Iyyar 5781