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Beth Ahm Community Gardening Project

I have some late breaking spring news for our Beth Ahm community.  We are starting a garden.
The news is late breaking because we got access to a plot at the West Bloomfield Community Garden (on Halstead/north of Maple) just a few days ago.  Under the leadership of Faye Wolf and the Beth Ahm Green Team, we are going to get to work creating a garden. See below for some questions and answers.
We are happy to have anyone participating with us in caring for the garden. We would love to include as many people as possible. Come on your own. Come with a child or grandchild. We are happy to have veteran gardeners as well as those who have never gardened before as a part of this project.  If you are interested in being part of this team, complete the from below and share your contact information with us.  
The garden plot is somewhat bigger than the average backyard garden and somewhat smaller than a farm. 😊 We are still deciding exactly what we will plant, at least in part, we'll be planting some vegetables that will appear on our kiddush table later this season.
Our plot at the West Bloomfield Community Garden – 5911 Halstead Road, West Bloomfield.
NOW!!!! Well, for sure we are getting started as soon as possible. But in terms of β€˜when’ for you specifically, the answer is that we are flexible. We are gathering a team of people and we will set up a calendar based on people's interest and availability. Those who are interested should let us know by completing the form below. Then we'll be in touch and we'll start to develop a calendar.
That's a big question. And there are many answers. Here are a few:
  • Gardening is awesome.
  • Gardening can bring people together in community.
  • Gardening allows us to appreciate God's creation.
  • Gardening connects us to the food we eat and the food system in our society.
  • Gardening is fun.
  • Gardening teaches us about the world and about ourselves.
  • And did I mention that gardening is awesome?! 😊
Sign-up below to be part of the team. You can also contact me with questions –
Rabbi Rubenstein


Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784