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How to do More Recycling

The Beth Ahm Green Team is focused on sustainability awareness, education, and action with a recent focus on recycling.  We learned about how making small changes work towards a more sustainable planet for us all.  Most of you may already be familiar with your municipality’s recycling requirements, but if not, I suggest you look at their website and familiarize yourself with what is/is not recyclable in your area.


If you REALLY like recycling and want to know how you can recycle even MORE items, search or download the app on your phone.  This site will give you drop-off locations close to you for many recyclable items – like the marine battery in your garage.


If you REALLY REALLY like recycling, and you want to purchase products made by companies that recycle their materials or only use upcycled materials, click here.  This site contains dozens of companies for everyday products that you can choose to support.


Are you SUPER EXCITED and want to do more about upcycling and recycling?  How about buying gift items made only from recycled/upcycled products?  Circuit board coasters and clip boards, laptop cases made from upcycled denim, jewelry from recycled silver and more are available.  Click here for all of your gifting needs. 


Green Team co-chairs: Faye Wolfe and Francine Levine

Tue, November 28 2023 15 Kislev 5784