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Streaming of Shabbat morning services

I am happy to announce that Beth Ahm will begin streaming Shabbat morning services this Shabbat, June 6th from The Tauber Chapel.  Services will begin at 10:00AM.  Click here to register 

We will be using the original Siddur Sim Shalom (large one is blue/gray, small one is navy) and the Hertz Humash for our online Shabbat service.  If you would like a copy of either of these books, please send an email to me at  I hope to deliver Siddurim and Humashim on Friday so please be in touch as soon as possible.  I will also arrange a time for delivery next week.  Of course, if you have a Shabbat Siddur and Humash at home, you are welcome to use those.

Those who would like to access our Zoom call in a way which allows them to do so without interacting directly with their computer on Shabbat itself, can do so.  Although our service will not start until 10:00AM on Saturday morning, our Zoom call will begin at approximately 7:00PM Friday. That means, that one could set up a computer (making sure that it is plugged in), log into the Zoom call after 7:00PM, and simply leave the Zoom call open overnight.  On Saturday morning, one could then come to the computer to take part in the service. Making our streamed services available in a Shabbat-appropriate way is an important aspect of our decision to stream our services. For those who would like to minimize non-Shabbat activity with the computer, I would suggest placing a piece of paper over your keyboard as a reminder that your computer is on for the sole purpose of participating in services.

With that in mind, it is important for participants to understand that Shabbat services will differ in important ways from weekday services and other events.  The synagogue is glad to be able to offer services that you can participate in from home.  But the stream and interaction is one-way.  We will not be able to virtually visit with others or share Shabbat greetings.  We hope you will take advantage of the many other weekday opportunities that we are providing for us to visit and check-in with our Beth Ahm family.  With all that, it is our great hope that you take part in the davening and that you will find it a meaningful alternative to being in your seat in our Sanctuary at Beth Ahm.

Please bear with us as we modify certain parts of the Shabbat morning service in this unusual time.  As mentioned above, services will begin at 10:00AM and we will begin with Nishmat (page 334) which signals the transition from Psukei D’Zimra to Shaharit.  

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Rabbi Rubenstein

Sun, April 18 2021 6 Iyyar 5781