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Lifelong Learning

Beth Ahm hosts multiple formal and informal educational programs which are open to the congregational membership and general community.  They focus on Israel, Jewish culture, Jewish history, ritual practices, and much more.  Please take advantage of the programs which are of interest to you.  For questions, contact Rabbi Rubenstein at or 258-851-6880.

Thumin Bet Midrash
This unique initiative initiative that offers opportunities for small group, hevruta, and in depth learning on select Jewish topics.  Study is generously sponsored by The Thumin Fund for Jewish Education.  Current classes are:

Rise of the Rabbis - A blend of online and in-person learning from Beth Ahm and Hebrew College
Join us on a journey through one of the most transformational periods in Judaism.  Examine the discourse of the classical rabbis and uncover how Talmudic argument and biblical interpretation shapes contemporary Jewish thought and practice.  Immerse yourself in the core texts that form the basis of Jewish beliefs, practice, and community today. Through engaging video lectures and probing discussion questions, you will tour through the diverse world of Jewish sects and varying religious practices that flourished in ancient Israel and Babylonia from the aftermath of the Bible to first century Judaism.  Enrollment is closed.

Inner Ladder - A combination of group learning, individual practice, and partnered study between group sessions

Online Learning at Beth Ahm
Click here to view video insights from Rabbi Rubenstein or to learn with our Thumin Bet Midrash instructors.  Beth Ahm’s YouTube channel contains resources that are available to you at anytime and from anywhere.  The channel is continually updated.  Rabbi’s Torah insights and the knowledge of our instructors will enrich you.

Shabbat Morning Torah Study
Join Rabbi Rubenstein for a unique blend of learning Parashat HaShavua (Weekly Torah portion) along with selected texts from the Talmud and Midrash.  Drop in once or every week.  Everyone is welcome.   Study is Saturday morning from 9:00am to 9:30am

Drop-in & Learn:  Videostreamed Lifelong Learning
Wednesdays at 1:00pm  – Free and open to the community
No reservations needed, walk-ins welcome, join our friendly group for informal drop-in learning all year-round.  Click here to view the calendar and see weekly topics.  Or, contact Nancy Kaplan at 248-737-1931 or

Shabbat Bet Midrash
Torah study is at the heart of what it means to grow as a Jew.  In the Bet Midrash (House of Study) we’ll study the texts of our tradition–Bible, Midrash, Talmud, Hasidism, and modern texts as well.  On select Shabbat mornings, we’ll meet in our Bet Midrash to mine our tradition for the wisdom for our lives today.  Here are some of our topics from recent sessions: The Meaning of the Shofar, The Jewish Calendar, and Jewish Views on Gun Control.  For more information, please contact Rabbi Rubenstein at  

Hebrew Reading and Comprehension
Interested in learning to read Hebrew or to improve your skills. We want to help. Please contact Rabbi Rubenstein at for more information.

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