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What I Learned At the Conservative Yeshiva

by Dr. Sharon Havis

My Time At The Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem This Summer

I had never heard of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem until I received an email asking if I wanted to join their summer program. They run two summer sessions, each for three weeks. While there are other opportunities for adults to learn in Israel, CY seemed the best fit for me.

The program at CY has Hebrew Ulpan, Jewish studies and volunteer opportunities.

I did the Hebrew Ulpan and Jewish studies program. I really enjoyed my time there. I met Jews from all over the world and there were even Christians who came to study there too. It is a welcoming place with wonderful teachers. You are able to pick and choose the classes that suit you. I chose Halacha, Tanach, Contempory Israeli issues and stories from the Zohar.

I really enjoyed learning at the CY. Aside from meeting people from all the world, being in an environment where it's all about the learning is very special. The rabbis, support staff and coordinators that work at the CY are very helpful, approachable and knowledgeable.

I loved being in Jerusalem and the connection it brings to our history and faith.

I would highly recommend this program if you love to learn and want to connect with other Jews in a safe, academic environment and have the ability to spend 3-4 weeks in Israel.
For more information about The Conservative Yeshiva, contact Rabbi Rubenstein or go to


Sun, August 9 2020 19 Av 5780