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Fulfilling the Mitzvot of Purim

There are 2 special "giving" mitzvot on Purim, Misloach Manot/gifts to friends and Matanot LaEvyonim/gifts to the needy.  Both originate in the Megillah (Book of Esther) and help us share the happiness of the...Read more...

Catch - 67 - What I'm Reading

by Rabbi Rubenstein

I’ve been reading a good deal of Israeli fiction lately. Most of the books are not wrapped up in the ‘big ideas’ of the State of Israel; just books about people who happen to live in Israel. Last fall at Kol Nidre services I encouraged people to think of Israel as more than a place that needs our support, a place that we need to worry about. Of course, I do want our congregation to support Israel in a host of ways....Read more...

Kvetch or Complaint

by Beth Nadis

This has always been one of my favorite cartoons. To me, it highlights the importance of open communication; of sharing our opinions, needs, concerns, and feelings.  Effective communication isn’t easy,...Read more...

Hanukkah Resources

by Nancy Kaplan

                                                                          &n...

Thanksgiving Prayers

by Rabbi Steven Rubenstein


Beth Ahm would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  While Thanksgiving isn’t Jewish, giving thanks certainly is. 
We offer these resources (click here) for your Thanksgiving celebration.



Sun, September 22 2019 22 Elul 5779